TAHC (The Affordable Housing Council)

The Affordable Housing Council (TAHC) is the political action committee for the Olympia Master Builders (OMB). TAHC provides endorsements and financial support to political candidates who understand and support the mission of OMB – to provide affordable housing for all economic segments of society.

If you are a part of the home building industry in Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason or Pacific County, a contribution to TAHC should be an ESSENTIAL component of your overall business strategy.

TAHC does the political work for you! We make informed decisions based on written answers to candidate questionnaires, voting record, campaign viability and in-person interviews.

You have the ability to pool your resources to support pro-builder candidates in your community! And OMB makes it easy to make a $40 voluntary donation to TAHC when you join OMB or renew your membership each year!

All OMB Members are eligible to attend TAHC meetings, but in order to vote on endorsements and contributions, you must be a TAHC TRUSTEE.

Anyone can be a TAHC Trustee – you just have to contribute $125 in a calendar year to the TAHC (just $85 if you’ve already made your $40 voluntary contribution) and voila! You’re a TAHC Trustee! You can now vote on TAHC candidate endorsements and financial contributions!

But you don’t have to stop there! You can always contribute more to the TAHC. The more resources we have, the more effective we are on election day. Our recent track record proves that we will use your contribution in an effective and responsible manner!