Member Benefits

The mission of Olympia Master Builders is to provide affordable housing to all segments of society. Browse our ever growing list of benefits and I am sure you will agree; you can’t afford not to get involved. Here are just some of the benefits offered to members.

OMB Membership Application (downloadable PDF)

Want to be rewarded for safety in your workplace? Join the crowd—by joining the state’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program: ROII. It’s the Retro program that rewards businesses like yours with a partial refund on your L&I insurance premium for good safety performance. With an average savings of 37%, ROII consistently delivers better L&I refunds. In fact, ROII has returned over $500M in refunds to participating members since 1982. Click on the link below and fill out the quick inquiry form to see how much you could have saved with ROII.

When you complete the form, we will also provide you with a refund calculation so you can see how much you could have earned if you were enrolled in ROII. For more information, contact

Meetings & Event Networking
Membership gives you the opportunity to participate in and network at the many events taking place monthly and yearly. OMB covers 5 counties: Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor and Pacific. When you join you automatically become a member of your local chapter at no additional cost. OMB’s chapters meet monthly. You are strongly encouraged to attend meetings whenever you can, for both networking and educational benefits.

Education Program
Class offering include: Practical workshops designed to raise the level of business performance; Courses providing information on the latest trends and technology in home building; and, Instruction by the industry’s leading experts on regulatory changes and compliance.

Government Affairs
Government Affairs Program exists to defend affordable housing for the citizens of Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. OMB’s Government Affairs Director works on members’ behalf to pass pro-housing legislation and defeat bills harmful to the housing industry.

Health Insurance Program
Purchasing power, excellent benefits and rate stability are the cornerstones of the success of the BIAW Health Insurance Program. Click here to apply today BIAW Health Trust Quote Request Form

Legal Program
BIAW’s Legal Program is the most proactive and successful of any trade association in the state. BIAW’s in-house and contract attorneys, along with Legal Committee members, directly represent members in crucial precedent-setting cases of statewide significance.

Return on Industrial Insurance
Largest retrospective ratings program in the state. It provides companies with several important advantages: A refund to member companies if the group’s premiums exceed their losses; expert, in-house claims staff who act as your advocates.

NAHB Member Advantages

Join thousands of members who save money for their families and businesses. As a member of your local and/or state home builders’ association, you can take advantage of NAHB’s member savings programs.

  • Exclusive Savings: As a benefit to members, NAHB negotiates on your behalf to offer the best pricing available at 20 national companies. Click “Learn more” below to explore the variety of discounts from each company. You can also download an overview of all discounts, including phone numbers and program codes.
  • Support for Your Local HBA: All products and services purchased by members through the member savings programs offer monetary support for your HBA. Last year, NAHB gave more than $700,000 to HBAs as a result of member participation in these programs.

For more information on OMB Membership please contact