Issues in Action

The final public hearing on Group 1 codes (IBC, IFC, WSEC-Commercial) will be this Friday, in virtual format, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

If you feel inclined to join the opposition to restricting natural gas in multi-family buildings that are built under the IBC, please consider signing up to testify and/or submitting written testimony.

*Any written or oral comments made in Fall of 2021 is not part of the public record in relation to the Group 1 Code adoption process. If you’d like that to be part of the public record, please re-submit or sign-up to provide testimony.

Resources to help craft written/oral comments:

  • For full commercial energy code industry recommendations, click here.
  • For industry talking points specific to the natural gas provisions, click here.
  • CR-102 Proposed Rules for WSEC-Commercial, click here.
  • Preliminary Cost Benefit Analysis, click here.
  • Attached is the letter we submitted on all the code provisions. I testified in opposition to natural gas provisions.

If you’re even more inclined to help us, please use this template (Action Alert for WSEC Commercial_Natural Gas in MF) to send to the SBCC by 5:00 pm on March 11. Please send to