Chefs On Tour

Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 4:00pm-9:00pm

Tickets for the 2019 Chefs on Tour event SOLD OUT early, so make sure to get yours early! Tickets go on sale mid-August 2020.

2019 Chefs and Builder Pairings!


2019 Chefs and Builder Biographies

Chefs on Tour is an exclusive new way to experience the Tour of Homes.  A ticket to this event lends guests the opportunity to mix and mingle with the builders and chefs themselves, in a fun-filled atmosphere.  Each builder and chef team have the chance to be creative in their own way by providing a unique experience to their guests.  For instance, one year, Dillingers Cocktails & Kitchen, along with The Artisans Group, delivered a “Mad-Men” themed evening, complete with live music from the era, an oyster bar, old fashioned drinks, and a delightful spread of food, including Ambrosia Gelato.

For more information contact or call 360.754.0912.  If you would like to sponsor this event contact