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Event Sponsorship
Are you interested in sponsoring an event at OMB? OMB has many high profile, well-advertised and well attended events throughout the year. Sponsoring an event is a great way to keep your business front and center.

Contact Jenni at for additional information.

OMB’s Magazine
OMB’s Chalk Line Magazine is a great way to advertise directly to other OMB members. With a mailing list of 600 businesses and VIP’s plus online access, great rates and a beautiful layout you can’t go wrong advertising in Chalk Line magazine.

Contact Jenni at for additional information.

If you are visiting this page you’ve already seen the advertising opportunity available on this website! The great thing about advertising on the OMB Website is that you are getting a targeted audience. People using this site are already actively looking for a contractor or information about the building industry.

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Buyer's Guides at Bayview Lumber
Buyer’s Guides at Bayview Lumber

Buyer’s Guide
Both the online and printed Buyer’s Guide provide consumers a great resource when searching for a home related product or service! All members are listed in at least one category in both the printed and online, searchable membership directory/buyer’s guide, but you can stand out in the crowd by putting an ad in the printed version or enhancing your online listing.

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Additional Advertising Opportunities
OMB has several events each year. Many of these events have additional advertising opportunities such as advertising in event tabs. These tabs are circulated to the public in the area where the event will take place.

Contact the OMB office at (360) 754-0912 to learn more about these types of advertising opportunities.