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OMB’s primary goal is to provide affordable housing for all segments of society. This is achieved by improving the construction industry and the business climate in which our members operate. OMB covers five counties: Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor and Pacific.

No Budget for Frontage Improvements in Shelton

The Shelton City Commission held a special meeting on December 12 to talk about frontage improvements. The city’s current Design & Construction Standards require developers to construct sidewalks when building on an infill lot, or improving a structure by more than 50% of its present value. The city, in turn, agrees to pay for the design and engineering for the sidewalk construction. However, the city failed to allocate funds for its end of the deal for 2015, citing a lack of revenue. The commission met, therefore, to discuss options for these frontage improvements moving forward. Continue reading No Budget for Frontage Improvements in Shelton

Lewis County Impact Fees

In a significant win for OMB, Lewis County adopted an impact fee ordinance that will apply only to one specific development in the county. The ordinance is a good compromise that allows a development to move forward without burdening the rest of the county with impact fees. The commissioners and staff did their homework, and were very responsive to OMB’s concerns. This issue dates back nearly ten years. Continue reading Lewis County Impact Fees